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See you in 2023!

See you in 2023!

Thanks to all for a Great Hillbilly Hundred weekend and an Awesome 2022' Race Season!

Hillbilly Champions

Some of the greatest legends of dirt racing have battled for the HILLBILLY 100 crown. Ohio has ten wins, Pennsylvania has ten, West Virginia has six, Tennessee has six, Kentucky has four, North Carolina has three, Arkansas and Georgia has two with Michigan, Florida and Indiana checking in with one win each

1967 Don Gregory
1968 Ray Neece
1969 No Race Held
1970 Clate Husted
1971 Danny Dean
1972 Dorus Wisecarver
1973 Bob Wearing Sr.
1974 Bob Wearing Sr.
1975 Bob Wearing Sr.
1976 Bob Wearing Sr.
1977 No Race Held
1978 Gene McNeely
1979 Danny Dean
1980 Rodney Combs
1981 Freddy Smith
1982 Charlie Swartz
1983 Freddy Smith
1984 Larry Moore
1985 Jack Boggs
1986 Jack Boggs
1987 Jack Boggs
1988 Donnie Moran
1989 Donnie Moran
1990 Buck Simmons
1991 Rodney Combs
1992 Rodney Combs
1993 Davey Johnson
1994 Bill Frye
1995 Bart Hartman
1996 Todd Andrews
1997 Rod Conley
1998 Steve Shaver
1999 Davey Johnson
2000 Davey Johnson
2001 Donnie Moran
2002 Billy Moyer
2003 Chub Frank
2004 Mike Marlar
2005 Clint Smith
2006 Earl Pearson Jr.
2007 Eddie Carrier
2008 Jimmy Owens
2009 Ray Cook
2010 Scott Bloomquist
2011 No Race Held
2012 Mike Marlar
2013 Jimmy Owens
2014 Don O’ Neal
2015 Scott Bloomquist
2016 Scott Bloomquist
2017 Jonathan Davenport
2018 Brandon Overton
2019 Josh Richards
2020 No Race
2021 ??

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