Taylor Cook Dominates 3rd Annual D. Reynolds Lease to Own Modified Mega 100

Taylor Cook Dominates 3rd Annual D. Reynolds Lease to Own Modified Mega 100

(Middlebourne, WV)  A bulging pit area featuring the best modified racers on the east coast from 11 different states would greet race fans as the Tyler County Speedway played host to the 3rd Annual D. Reynolds Lease to Own Mega 100.  The Bullring would be the place to be as the Middlebourne, WV oval would kick off the 4th of July weekend in grand fashion.  Over 175 plus cars would square off each night in search of the over $100k purse offered by the Tyler County Speedway.

North Carolinian, Taylor Cook would score his biggest win to date in dominating fashion in picking up Saturday Night’s preliminary $3,000 to win main event and would follow it up with a convincing run in garnering the 3rd Annual D. Reynolds Lease to Own Mega 100 and the accompanying $10,000 first place check on Sunday Night.

It was an emotional super late model win for Greenwood, WV’s Derek Doll as the defending track champion would be in the right place at the right time as race long leader Zack Dohm would explode a tire with two to go and hand over the lead to Doll.  Doll would cruise over the last two circuits to pick up the popular win in the 29th Annual Earl Hill Memorial over a very stout 25 car field.

Wellsburg, WV’s Corey Conley would make his first appearance of the season a good one as the ‘Flying Ace’ would pick up night # 1 of Super Late Model action and grab the $3,000 to win first prize.

A strong 35 car field of STARS Modlites would square off in back to back nights as $1,000 was up for grabs to each of the winners.  Night # 1 would see New Matamoras, Ohio’s Tyler Riggs grab the win while Night # 2 it would be Beallsville, Ohio’s Josh Baldwin holding off a host of the regions best Modlite racers.

Pennsylvanian Kyle Lukon would continue his stranglehold on the Tyler County Speedway FASTRAK Late Model victory lane as the driver of the #184 would win Saturday Nights action.  Sunday Night would see the Steel Block late models hit the Bullring with veteran Sonny Conley picking up his first win of the season.

The last two EDGE Hotmod track champions would secure wins over the weekend as Middlebourne’s Mick Baker would win Night 1 while Alma’s Travis Thomas would snare Night 2.  Bill Tennant would secure the weekends 4 Cylinder loot while George Casto III , Natalie Hibbard and Ethan McCune would snare MWRA wins.

Join us this Saturday Night, July 8th as the Tyler County Speedway returns with a big night of action, dubbed the Patriot 200.  Featuring 10 divisions in action in a unique fan friendly feature only format.  See the Super Lates, FASTRAK late models, AMRA Modifieds, EDGE Hotmods, Modlites, 4 Cylinders, 2 divisions of MWRA Mini Wedges, the return of the StreetStocks and Mini Late Models all in action.  Gates open at 4, with hot laps scheduled for 7, general admission is $12, with pit pricing at $32.

D. Reynolds Lease to Own Mega 100 Night #2 Sunday Night, July 2

Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour Mega 100 Feature Finish:  Taylor Cook, Kyle Strickler, Rick Aukland, David Stremme, Derrick Ramey, Chris Arnold, Carl McKinney, Kevin Morehouse, RJ Otto, Jared Hawkins, Jacob Hawkins, Shawn Jett, Brad Goff, Ken Zimmer, Brent Trimble, Jesse Wisecarver, Dylan Shafer, Troy Loomis, Colten Burdette, Joel Watson, Daniel Hill, Travis Dickson, Chris Basich, Mike Baldwin, John Burdette, DNQ:  Shon Flanary, Coleman Evans, Bud Watson, Mark Dickson, Codi Eaton, Kevin Miller, DJ Cline, Michael McGee, Tommy Powell, Vic Vandergrift, Jason Brookover, Kyle Bond, Mitch Thomas, Nick Wilson, Cody Henthorn, Randy Bohan, Chad Smith, Tyler Jones, Nick Corbitt, Rex Frohnapfel, Mike McPherson, Jimmy Lennex

29th Annual Earl Hill Memorial Super Late Model Feature:  Derek Doll, Keith Barbara, Jared Hawkins, Jackie Boggs, Devin Moran, Mason Ziegler, Colten Burdette, Corey Conley, Ryan Montgomery, Shane Hitt, Michael Lake, Robbie Scott, Zack Dohm, Brian Baumberger, GR Smith, Tim Dohm, Cody Rogers, Ricky Willams, Tyler Carpenter, DNQ:  Travis Brown, Steve Weigle, Drake Meeks, Kyle Thomas, Gary Gellner, Ralph Withem

Steel Block Late Model Feature:  Sonny Conley, Darin Roush, Danny Thomas, Steve Wilmoth, Joe Bowie, Lauren Longbrake, Zack Milbee, TJ Watson, Troy Frazier, Sparky Davisson, Trey Watson, Tyler Stutler, James Watson, Scott Bittinger, Derek Rogers, Robbie Bostic, Katelyn Frazier

STARS Modlite Feature:  Josh Baldwin, Tyler Riggs, Cody Sisson, Mark Marcucci, Matt Ward, Vivian Jones, Rod Jones, Will Bennett, Brandon Fluharty, Ryan Baker, Ryan Saffell, Tracy Fritter, Chris Robinson, Daniel Eddy, Andy Shirley, Doug Jones, John Cogar, Jeff Davis, Travis Minor, Mitch Ward, Nick Nash, Steve Dunn, Brandon Shaw, James Hill, DNQ:  Steve Dotson, Lance Brasington, David Brown, Shawn Kernan, Alex Robinson, Roger Griffin, Mike Stratton, Jeff Fornash, Ryan Jones, Justin Eddy

EDGE Hotmod Feature:  Travis Thomas, Mick Baker, Casey Ash, Roland Bell, Daniel Muldrew, Tim Pennell, Jonathan Hutson, Tom Sigler, Rocky Mayle, Levi Nolan, John Magyar, John Thomas, Matt Yost, James Swenskie, Robin Lashley, Stevi Magyar, Anastasia Allman, Caleb Thomas, Jordan Shaffer, Jeff Gorrell, Lou Ennis, Roland Fullmer, Brian Clegg, Chad Smith, Chris Thomas

4 Cylinder Feature:  Bill Tennant, April Tennant, Kevin Criswell, Ethan Drain, Wesley Tennant, Randall Flanigan, Cliff Anderson, Mike Baker, Robert Frohnpfel

MWRA Mini Wedge Junior Feature:  Natalie Hibbard, Bridgette Davisson, Carson Thomas, Logan Clark, Geoge Casto III

MWRA Mini Wedge Senior Feature:  Ethan McCune, Luke Hyre, Lucas Zombotti, Ryan Hare, Trent Baker, Zoey Rennicker, Shelby Cochran, Phillip Bubeck, Allen Clark, Josalyn Hibbard


D. Reynolds Lease to Own Mega 100 Night # 1 Saturday Night, July 1st

Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour Feature # 1:  Taylor Cook, Rick Aukland, Travis Dickson, RJ Otto, Jesse Wisecarver, Chris Arnold, Joel Watson, DJ Cline, Carl McKinney, Tommy Powell, Ken Zimmer, Jason Brookover, Rex Frohnapfel, Dylan Shafer, Tyler Jones, Chad Smith, John Burdette, Mike Baldwin, Troy Loomis, Ryan Stoops, Kenny Johnson, Cody Faulk

Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour Feature # 2:  Kyle Strickler, Derrick Ramey, Mark Dickson, KC Burdette, David Stremme, Jacob Hawkins, Shawn Jett, Kevin Miller, Dave Defibaugh, Michael McGee, Cody Henthorn, Shon Flanary, Codi Eaton, Derek Deusenberry, Nick Corbitt, Jared Hawkins, Mike McPherson, Nick Wilson, Bud Watson, Lance Elson

Super Late Model Feature:  Corey Conley, Zack Dohm, Jared Hawkins, Derek Doll, GR Smith, Tim Dohm, Keith Barbara, Colten Burdette, Ryan Montgomery, Shane Hitt, Steve Weigle, Brian Baumberger, Kyle Thomas, Freddie Carpenter, Travis Brown, Rick Williams, Pete Crum, Cody Rogers, Robbie Scott, Tyler Carpenter

STARS Modlite Feature:  Tyler Riggs, Mark Marcucci, Ryan Saffell, Rod Jones, James Hill, Josh Baldwin, Tracy Fritter, Jesse Wisecarver, Vivian Jones, Will Bennett, Doug Jones, Ryan Jones, John Cogar, Jeff Davis, Cody Sisson, Daniel Eddy, Sam Richards, Jeff Fornash, Matt Ward, Alex Robinson, Mitch Ward, Brandon Fluharty, Brandon Shaw, Mike Stratton, DNQ Lance Brasington, Ryan Baker, Steven Dotson, Chris Robinson, Steve Dunn, David Brown, Travis Minor, Andy Shirley, Justin Eddy, Roger Griffin, Cole Petrelle

FASTRAK Late Model Feature:  Kyle Lukon, Chuck Kimble, Derek Rogers, Tyler Stutler, Troy Frazier, Trey Watson, Sonny Conley, Kris Southern, Terry Williams, Sparky Davisson, Katelyn Frazier, AJ Spagnuola, Lauren Longbrake, Brandon Weigle, Danny Thomas, Derrick Shaw, James Watson, DNS Wylie Ford, Ryan Payne, Garrett Jones

EDGE Hotmod Feature:  Mick Baker, Daniel Muldrew, Brian Clegg, Lou Ennis, Tim Pennell, Anastasia Allman, John Thomas, Matt Yost, Stevi Magyar, Casey Ash, John Magyar, James Swenskie, Larry Higgins, Jeff Gorrell, Steve Magyar, Roland Bell, Chad Smith, Travis Thomas, Roland Fullmer, Robin Lashley, Brian Myers, Caleb Thomas, Jordan Shaffer, DNS Tom Sigler, Martin Lamm

MWRA Mini Wedge Junior Feature:  George Casto III, Natalie Hibbard, Keith Powell, Bridgette Davisson, Logan Clark, Gavin Swiger, Carson Thomas

MWRA Mini Wedge Senior Feature:  Ethan McCune, Lucas Zombotti, Zoey Rennicker, Ryan Hare, Luke Hyre, Josalyn Hibbard, Kenneth Hawkins, Trent Baker, Shelby Cochran, Allen Clark, Donnie Wamsley