Enhance Your Business & Brand with a Tyler County Speedway Marketing Partnership

Tyler County Speedway offers a variety of advertising campaigns for you and your company. By becoming a marketing partner of Tyler County Speedway, you are forwarded the opportunity to benefit from the thousands of brand loyal race fans and teams who visit the speedway each year.

Race fans are very conscious of the businesses supporting racing, through signs and banners at the race tracks, to announcements over the public address systems, to advertisements in souvenir programs to decals and lettering on the sides of the race cars, and special events for clients & customers.

Tyler County Speedway, nationally known as the ‘bullring’ is a prime example of the popularity of a weekly short track racing program and sits atop the industries can’t miss venue.  The speedway is one of the oldest, fastest and most exciting high-banked, quarter-mile dirt tracks in the Ohio Valley. Racers from all across the nation lineup regularly to try and tame the bullring and etch their name in the Tyler County Speedway record books.

The rumble of powerful engines, the spirit of competition, thousands of fans every week, a panorama of speed, sound, color and excitement – presented with a little bit of show business – all combine to make a perfect setting to expose a business’ brand or company name. The speedway provides the backdrop for showcasing products and services in an environment like no other in the region.

“We are confident that once you understand our value to you as a marketing and sales platform, you will want to become a partner in marketing your business to our extended racing family and other racing business partners,” said John Watson, Hometown Racing Association.

Below are just a few of the ways Tyler County Speedway can assist your company in a high performance marketing campaign:

Trackside Billboards – Display your company name and logo on one of Tyler County Speedway’s trackside billboards. Numerous size billboards are available for purchase, and prime locations such as victory lane and outside retaining walls are in constant eye contact with the fans.

Division Sponsorship – Each of the six racing divisions that compete at Tyler County Speedway on a weekly basis are available for sponsorship. Typically, a division sponsorship means the division will be known and advertised by the sponsors name, ie “The ABC Company Modified Division”. The sponsors name will also be used in reference to the division, including public address referrals and press releases.

Event Sponsorship – Each of Tyler County Speedway’s weekly events and special events are available for sponsorship. The sponsors name will be used in reference to the event. In addition, your company will benefit from on-going promotional announcements made before and during the day of the event, including public address referrals and press releases.

How Much Does It Cost? No marketing partnership is too large or too small. Every business needs to advertise so why not make it exciting? Motorsports marketing will drive your business to the front of the pack, directly impacting your “return on investment”.

For complete details on any of the above campaigns, or for further information on how Tyler County Speedway can assist your company’s advertising needs, please contact the speedway office at (304) 771-5661.