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April 14th, 2015
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(Middlebourne, WV) – Ex-NBA superstar Allen Iverson may be best remembered by many for his answering a reporter’s question with the rhetorical answer; “Practice?  Practice?  We’re talking practice man.  Practice.”

Mr. Iverson’s dismissal of the importance of practice was apparently lost on this season’s EDGE Hot Mod racers, as thirty of the area’s first and only true economy modifieds took advantage of Tyler County Speedway’s annual practice day.

Practice? You bet! Impressive? No doubt!

With several teams still putting finishing touches on their 2015 machines, the near three dozen competitors in attendance got valuable seat time and fine tuned their machines on a chamber of commerce day in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia. All in anxious anticipation for Friday evening’s season opener at the ‘Home of the Hotmods.’

Many familiar names and class favorites were in attendance, but even more impressive were the amount of new racers coming into the class. Additionally, former racers who had stepped away from the sport were back, sporting long unseen colors and numbers. All in attendance obviously have taken craftsmanship seriously, as each car had the look of a winner.

The EDGE Hot Mods, following the successful car construction and engine rules pioneered by the IMCA, America’s oldest auto racing sanction, has continued to grow yearly under the direction of EDGE Entertainment. The common sense and economical rules package that limits suspension, tire selection, engine displacement and compression while maintaining the unique looks of the open wheel modified has attracted racers of both sexes and all ages.

Despite the continued sluggish economy, or possibly even because of it, the EDGE Hot Mods continue to easily making it the fastest growing class in the area. “This is a class where a racer can pick up an outdated modified chassis, and with a few modifications have a winning car” said Watson.

The statement is more than idle lip service, as 2014 saw one of the classes original cars pick up multiple feature wins, while a first year driver garnered his career first feature win in a car that is nearly 20 years old.

“This isn’t meant to be a class to see who can outspend the other guy. It’s a class where folks can put some sweat equity in a car, and run well enough to win without spending every night in the garage, or every cent to come out on the weekend for some fun. The formula is working everywhere it’s followed along the guidelines. It’s working well here underneath the watchful eye of track and sanction officials” Watson concluded.

The car counts haven’t been lost on Tyler County Speedway promoter John Watson, lead man for the Hometown Racing Association. Seeing and appreciating the value of the class, Watson has stated that if car counts meet or exceed 30+ cars a night, the class will run dual features allowing all the Hot Mod racers to get an opportunity to not only race in, but battle for feature wins. Considering thirty race teams were in attendance for practice, the thirty two car goal seems easily obtainable.

The 2014 season culminating ‘Working Man World Championship’ will be back in 2015 after rave reviews by participants. Qualifying races have been scheduled for both the Tyler County and nearby Ohio Valley Speedway. The distinctive and unique ‘Lunch Box’ trophies became highly coveted keepsakes from last season’s qualifiers, and like last season, will be used to determine the qualifying drivers starting positions for this season’s ‘WMWC’.

2014 EDGE Hot Mod champion Chad Smith has step down from the throne to compete in the EDGE open modified division, so 2015 almost certainly will crown a new champion.  The question is, who will it be?  Could we see one of the divisions newest names quickly grasp the reigns vacated, or will it be one of the numerous names that regularly reside in the front finishing positions?

Undoubtedly, it will make for an interesting season for the race fans as well as the race teams in the highly competitive EDGE Hot Mods. To follow along with the division, EDGE Hot Mod class rules, general info, and Working Man World Championship race information is available on the EDGE website at http://edgeconnect.co/.

For more information about the Tyler County Speedway contact officials via phone at 304.771.6874 or 304.771.5661. You can also visit them on the web at www.tylercountyspeedwayonline.com or email them at info@tylercountyspeedwayonline.com. To follow the speedway on Facebook log on to www.facebo0k.com/thebullringwv or Twitter at www.twitter.com/The_Bullring.

You can contact the Eastern Dirt Grassroots Entertainment Company anytime for further information by texting/calling 304.771.5051 or faxing 304.758.4411 with any further questions on rules, procedures, and more on the upcoming season. EDGE fans can receive up to the minute breaking news and live updates on our active media outlets which can be accessed via a variety of social media sites including Facebo0k at www.facebo0k.com/connect2edge or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/connect2edge.

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