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“Addendum 1/6/2020: Crankshafts weighing less than 50 pounds must be from original manufacturer (i.e. Ford, Chrysler, GM) and may NOT have any lightening processes.”

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2020 Bullring Bomber Rules

2020 ‘Bullring Bomber’ Rules
Maximizing the FUN in Racing…….While Minimizing the Budget!

OVERVIEW: This is a great economical division for anyone wanting to have FUN and race side by side… to everyone…..novice, beginner, intermediate and experienced racers. #1 Rule keep it inexpensive, easy and fun! Claimer rule will be in effect to keep costs in line and cars truly stock.

TYPE: Any American production front wheel drive 6 cylinder passenger car, or any 4 cylinder front wheel drive passenger car (any manufacturer) is legal.

BODIES: Bodies must be full and complete with the following exceptions: No plastic body panels. Plastic or composite bumper covers, grills and other body panels must be removed. All glass, trim and body molding must be removed. Interiors can be gutted of flammable materials but no cutting of metal other than for roll cage member clearance.

Doors must be securely fastened (bolted, welded, etc.) shut. No body panel may be replaced by sheet metal, aluminum, plastic or molded plastic (ie: nose) panels. Hood, trunk or hatchback latches may be replaced with hood pins. No reinforcement of bumpers! No spoilers, ground effects or plastic skirting. Cars must be presentable looking. No ‘spray bomb’ numbers or lettering. No vulgar or obscene lettering allowed. We encourage theme cars, cartoon characters etc. a best appearing car award will be presented at the current year Awards Banquet.

ENGINES: Engines must remain totally, 100% stock as manufactured with no replacement or modification of any parts. No turbocharged engines allowed. Stock exhaust only. Exhaust must exit below car, parallel to track surface. These are to be stock cars. Violation of these very understandable rules is automatic disqualification and loss of purse money, points, etc. Ignitions must remain as originally OEM manufactured, absolutely no modifications allowed. No aftermarket gauges or tachometers allowed.

TRANSMISSION: Transmissions/transaxles may be locked.

FUEL TANK: Fuel tanks can be no larger than 20 gallons, smaller is preferred, and must be moved into the trunk area. Fuel cells are highly recommended. Fuel lines cannot run through driver’s compartment. Driver’s area must be isolated/sealed by front and rear fire walls. Approved rear “fuel cell protection bars” are allowed if inside the confines of the body work.

TIRES & WHEELS: Maximum wheel width 8” steel with a 60, 65 or 70 Series Tire. Maximum tread width 8”. Must be street legal passenger car tires only with DOT numbers allowed and readable. No truck tires. No racing tires, No snow tires, No donut/spare tires allowed. No Grooving or siping of tires allowed. Rear tires must be the same size on both sides of car. Racing Wheel optional on Right Front. Front wheels MUST use 1″ lug nuts. Racing lug studs are strongly recommended.

SUSPENSION: Stock OEM suspensions and components required. The ONLY allowed modification is the use of spring spacers or spring rubbers.

ROLL CAGE: 6 point minimum roll cages are required. Must have 3 door bars, mounted parallel to floor, in driver’s side of cage and 2 bars on passenger side of car. The 2 rear down bars must mount to top, rear halo (behind driver) of cage. Cages mounting points at floor pan/unibody must mount to (minimum) 1/4″ plate steel with a (minimum) 4″ x 4″ dimension, with four (4) 3/8″ bolts through the plate, floor and a similar plate under the floor, using grade 8 fasteners. Welding of cages to floor pans is NOT allowed.

SAFETY: An approved aluminum racing seat and properly installed 5 point, quick release safety belts (consisting of lap belts, shoulder harnesses and anti-submarine belt are required. A Snell approved helmet, that isn’t compromised due to previous damage, is required. An approved fire-resistant driving suit is required. Hand held style fire extinguisher required. Raceceiver usage is required. Minimum of three (3) windshield debris bars with substantial wire screen is required. Additional safety equipment is optional.

1. Any car racing is eligible to be claimed in up to 15 minutes after the division’s feature event.
2. Car may be claimed by current competing drivers in the same class or by Tyler County Speedway track officials. A period of two weeks before reclaiming a car is required.
3. Any person can make a maximum of two claims throughout the season.
4. Complete car may be claimed for $1400.00 with the following exceptions not included in the price and remain with the original owner plus the $1400.00 claim money. Aluminum Seat, Fire Extinguisher (if installed), Racing Seat Belts, Battery, Window Net and fuel cell (if installed)
5. Driver being claimed is responsible to remove his/her own equipment prior to the car changing hands. A Tyler County Speedway Official must be present. The $1400.00 claimer rule may be adjusted as more cars are built and the true value is re-evaluated.
6. Person making the claim MUST be the driver of the car he/she claimed for at least three weeks after making the claim. If the car returns with a different driver other than the person that made the original claim – an additional $400.00 fine will be charged to the new driver prior to him/her being allowed to race.
7. Claim refusal disqualifies both car and driver from further competition in the ‘Bullring Bomber’ class.

– All entrants will receive FREE Pit Pass with top 3 being awarded a podium spot and trophy and payout of $150, $100, $75.
– Points will be kept and awards will be presented at the Annual Tyler County Speedway Awards Banquet.
– Three Wide Finish bonus: If the top three cars are three wide for the win they will receive the following extra pay. Winner gets an extra $50 with second and third getting $25 each.

Heat Race line ups to be determined by pill draw format. Previous weeks Feature Winner starts tail of heat the following week.

This is a low to no contact class. Any driver making intentional or heavy contact with another car will be black flagged. If the same driver receives a second black flag they will receive a 1 week suspension. Further black flags will receive additional suspensions. These cars will be eligible to race in Enduro events throughout the year if so desired.
Location: 3 ½ miles south of Middlebourne, WV on State Route 18 at the Tyler County Fairgrounds.
For more information contact John Watson @ 304-771-6874, track phone 304-758-2660

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