Cline, Strickler & Hawkins Share Mega 100 Loot

Cline, Strickler & Hawkins Share Mega 100 Loot

Cline, Strickler & Hawkins Share Mega 100 Loot

Mason Ziegler Snares Earl Hill Memorial Victory; Tim Dohm Picks up Topless 50 Title

(Middlebourne, WV)  Three days of intense three and four wide racing action would welcome racers and fans to the Tyler County Speedway for the 2nd Annual Mega 100.  Star studded fields in each class would see the best racers on the East Coast battle all weekend long on a table top smooth ‘Bullring’ with huge purse money up for grabs.  Highlighting the action heavy trifecta of speed would see Jacob Hawkins grab the Renegade of Dirt Modified tour opening night win using a late race pass of Lance Elson to do so.  Night #2 would be one for the ages as Kyle Strickler and Jacob Hawkins would put on a show like no other.  The duo would make contact heading for the checkers with Strickler picking up the win in true Ricky Bobby fashion as the North Carolina ace would cross the line backwards just ahead of Hawkins in front of a vocal hometown crowd.  Saturday’s capper would see pure heartbreak for Taylor Cook as the 10th starting Tar Heel wheelman would blast around the ‘Bullring’ top shelf to take the lead headed for sure victory when a flat tire would send him pitside.  That would turn the lead over to wiley veteran DJ Cline of St. Clairsville, Ohio as the driver of the familiar green #4 would hold off Derrick Ramey and Jacob Hawkins for the monster payday and checkered flag.

A stout field of Super Late Models on Friday and Saturday would see Cross Lanes, WV driver Tim Dohm pick up the 22nd Annual Topless 50.  The driver of the 6T would continue his dominance in Tyler County Speedway special Late Model shows in 2016 as the hard charger has already garnered the previously ran Earl Hill Memorial, a Jackpot 100 World of Outlaw Late Model feature and now the popular Topless 50.  It was Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania’s Mason Ziegler grabbing the 28th Annual Earl Hill Memorial by overtaking early leader Michael Lake to secure the win.  In Thursday Nights kickoff Mega Night #1 Steel Block Late Model presented by Kryptonite Race Cars feature it was Jamie Watson garnering the hard earned win by holding off persistent Tyler Carpenter and Zach Milbee.

Travis Thomas would secure his spot in the Wild One 20 on Thursday Night by picking up the feature ahead of Roland Bell and Steve Magyar.  The EDGE Hotmods would partake in round two on Friday with Wylie Ford gracing victory lane for the first time at Tyler County Speedway.  Saturday’s Hotmod main event would see Steve Magyar of Wileyville, WV picking up his first career EDGE Hotmod win in the inaugural ‘Wild One 20’ by besting Brian Clegg and Roland Bell.

Hotmod graduate, Brandon Weigle would secure his first ever FASTRAK Late Model feature win by holding off Danny Thomas and Derek Rogers.  Beallsville, Ohio’s Josh Baldwin would continue his torrid 2016 season by picking up the STARS Modlite show ahead of teammate Ryan Saffell and Tyler Riggs.  John Schooler of Newark, Ohio would make his maiden voyage to the ‘Bullring’ a success by picking up the 4 Cylinder main event.  A large field of 20 MWRA Mini Wedges would see Lucas Zombotti and Gage Stalder pick up Mega in the Mountain feature wins for the youngsters.

Join us in two weeks on Saturday Night, July 23rd when the raciest track in America roars back to life with a complete night of racing action highlighted by the Simonton Windows EDGE Hotmod Working Man’s World Championship.  Gates open at 4, with general admission just $10 with pit pricing set at $30.  For more information follow us on social media or visit our website at


Tyler County Speedway, Mega 100 Night #1, July 7

Renegades of Dirt Mega 100 Night #1 Feature Finish:  Jacob Hawkins, Kyle Strickler, Lance Elson, Jesse Wisecarver, Joel Watson, RJ Otto, Jason Brookover, Shawn Jett, Taylor Cook, Mark Dickson, John Burdette, Shon Flanary, Tanner Wilson, DJ Cline, Larry Bond, David Hittle, Kurt Burge, Bill Pritchard, Rex Frohnapfel, Tom Sigler, Colten Burdette, Kevin Miller, Chris Arnold  DNQ:  Sean Monaghan, Chad Smith, Travis Dickson, Jeff Fornash, Rodney Gibson, Nick Cramer, Nick Wilson, Colten Burdette, Kevin Miller, Justin Hart, Dylan Shaffer, Cody Henthorn

Steel Block Late Model Feature Finish:  James Watson, Tyler Carpenter, Zach Milbee, John Vandale, Ryan Payne, Bub Crum, Pete Crum, Tyler Stutler, Danny Thomas, Troy Frazier, Darren Roush, Joe Bowie, Joel Prosser, Corey Delancey, Rex Frohnapfel, Levi Flesher, Mike McGinnis, Curtis Watson, Luke Stevens, TJ Watson, Brandon Weigle

EDGE Hotmod Feature Finish:  Travis Thomas, Roland Bell, Steve Magyar, Mick Baker, Stevi Magyar, Darren Glover, Wylie Ford, Lou Ennis, Brian Clegg, Cody Brightwell, Jordan Shaffer, Josh Gump, John Thomas, Lindsey Smarr, Mike Bunner, Chad A. Smith, Tim Pennell, Matt Yost, Martin Lamm, Scott Moore, Jay Smarr


Tyler County Speedway, Mega 100 Night #2, July 8

Renegades of Dirt Mega 100 Night #2 Feature Finish:  Kyle Strickler, Jacob Hawkins, Jesse Wisecarver, Chris Arnold, Taylor Cook, Shawn Jett, Carl McKinney, Nick Corbitt, KC Burdette, Jason Brookover, Derrick Ramey, Lance Elson, DJ Cline, John Burdette, Rich Michael, Dylan Shaffer, Dwight Henry, Shon Flanary, Tanner Wilson, Chad Smith, Colten Burdette, Joel Watson, Travis Dickson, RJ Otto   DNQ:  Kurt Burge, Josh Spaur, Sean Monaghan, David Hittle, Kevin Miller, Nick Wilson, Mark Dickson, Rodney Gibson, Rex Frohnapfel, Del Cunningham

22nd Annual Topless 50 Super Late Model Feature Finish:  Tim Dohm, Derek Doll, Corey Conley, Russell Erwin, Mike Benedum, Mason Ziegler, Jared Hawkins, Daniel Hill, Michael Lake, Kyle Thomas, Tyler Carpenter, Sonny Conley, James Watson, Steve Weigle, Craig Wolford, Chuck Harper, Greg Baumberger, Cody Rogers, Joel Prosser, Brian Baumberger, Robbie Scott, Freddie Carpenter, Tim Senic, Drake Meeks

EDGE Hotmod Feature Finish:  Wylie Ford, Brian Clegg, Levi Nolan, John Thomas, Lou Ennis, Jay Smarr, Chad A. Smith, Jordan Shaffer, Lindsey Smarr, Matt Yost, Martin Lamm, Jeff Gorrell, Tim Pennell, Casey Ash, Cody Todd, Cody Brightwell


Tyler County Speedway, Mega 100 Night #3, July 9

Renegades of Dirt Mega 100 Night #3 Feature Finish:  DJ Cline, Derek Ramey, Jacob Hawkins, Colten Burdette, Joel Watson, Travis Dickson, Nick Corbitt, Mark Dickson, KC Burdette, Shawn Jett, Kyle Strickler, Dylan Shafer, Jesse Wisecarver, Taylor Cook, Brent Trimble, Shan Flanary, Josh Spaur, Chad Smith, Kevin Miller, Rich Michael, Jason Brookover, John Burdette, Chris Arnold, Del Cunningham, Tyler French   DNQ:  David Hittle, Mike McPherson, Sean Monaghan, Kurt Burge, Martin Lamm, Rodney Gibson, Paul Wilmoth, Rex Frohnapfel, David Godfrey, Nick Wilson, Mike Baldwin, Lance Elson

Earl Hill Memorial Super Late Model Feature Finish:  Mason Zeigler, Michael Lake, Gary Dalton, Jared Miley, Tim Dohm, Russell Erwin, Shane Hitt, Derek Doll, Mike Benedum, Jeff Burdette, Chuck Harper, Steve Weigle, Sonny Conley, Kyle Thomas, Keith Barbara, Daniel Hill, Tim Senic, Logan Hitt, Craig Wolford, Cody Rogers, Ricky Williams, Drake Meeks, Jared Hawkins

STARS Modlite Feature Finish:  Josh Baldwin, Ryan Saffell, Tyler Riggs, Tracy Fritter, Aaron Meister, Jeff Fornash, Daniel Eddy, Zak Kimbrew, Jason Darocha, Troy Collins, Michael Flockerzi, Cody Anderson, Scott Sole, Chris Robinson, Ryan Jones, Mitch Ward, Kacy Campbell, Cole Petrelle, Reece Shelton, Josh Richeson, Nik Keller, Brandon Fluharty

EDGE Hotmod ‘Wild One’ Feature Finish:  Steve Magyar, Brian Clegg, Roland Bell, Stevi Magyar, Darren Glover, Scott Moore, Tim Pennell, James Magyar, Chad A. Smith, Casey Ash, Levi Nolan, Mick Baker, Lindsey Smarr, Wylie Ford, Jordan Shaffer, Travis Thomas, Josh Gump, Matt Yost, Jay Smarr, John Thomas

FASTRAK Feature Finish:  Brandon Weigle, Danny Thomas, Derek Rogers, Joel Prosser, Kyle Lukon, Aaron Barley, Troy Frazier, Tyler Stutler, Curtis Watson, Zachary Kane, Josh Stoica, Luke Stevens, Chad Boggess, Derrick Shaw, Trey Watson, Garrett Jones, Billy Brown, Ryan Payne, Eddie Starkey

4 Cylinder Feature Finish:  John Schooler, Jason Frazier, Kevin Criswell, Ethan Drain, Clifford Anderson, Scott Critchfield, Sambo Cokeley, Donnie Wamsley

MWRA Feature Finish Junior Divison:  Gage Stalder, Trenton Baker, Ethan McCune, George Casto III, Presley Wilt, Noah Bubeck, Allen Clark, Keith Powell, Landon Marple, Julianna Lipscomb, Blake Runyon, Kayla Powell, Nevaeh Bolin

MWRA Feature Finish Advance Division:  Lucas Zombotti, Philip Bubeck, Tyler Tennant, Caleb Nolan, Levi Jones, Luke Hyre, Donnie Wamsley