2019 Hotmod Hotline

2019 Hotmod Hotline

EDGE Hot Mod Hotline –2019 Rules

As has been the past custom, we provide updates to clarify or reaffirm rules in the effort to maintain the class intent.  The Hot Mod rule intent remains as it has been since the inception, to provide guidelines for a safe, economical and competitive class of race car.

We are pleased and proud of the class, as 2019 marks the advance into a second decade for the Hot Mod division.  We strongly encourage each competitor to fully read the rule book to eliminate misunderstandings or misinterpretations of these rules.  As is stated at the end of the rules, “It is the driver’s responsibility to understand and abide by the car construction rules. Do not purposely violate the intent of these rules!”

Of particular note are the revised Transmission rules.  This decision comes with the 100-pound weight penalty for those choosing to use the AFTERMARKET internal clutch racing transmissions.  The rule, as written, is intended to maintain a competitive balance in the class and can be adjusted as necessary in the future.

The 2019 rule revisions are as follows:


“Collapsible steering columns are allowed”

Under ‘TRANSMISSION’ – Rule 7  

Beginning in 2019, internal clutch, aftermarket racing transmissions are allowed with the following stipulations:

NO BALLSPLINE design transmissions (a safety decision that will not change)

Approved transmissions include BERT, Brinn, Falcon and RaceGator.  Other transmissions require approval by EDGE prior to use. (Again, a safety decision)

The use of a steel blow proof bell housing is still required.

No rear drive pumps or starters allowed (Conventional mounted pumps & starters only!)

Usage of the internal clutch transmissions such as mentioned above require a one hundred-pound (100#) weight penalty for any car.  

Aftermarket automatic transmissions (TCI, etc.) that use direct drives or couplers will be allowed.  Automatic transmissions do not require the 100# weight penalty.

All other transmission rules remain in effect and all cars are required to run explosion proof bell housings.


Under ‘ENGINES’ – Rule 8(A)

Note: “American O.E.M. (ONLY!) cast iron block and cylinder head”

(Further clarifies the rule stating that block and heads MUST be O.E.M.)


Under ‘ENGINES’ – Rule 8(A)

Pistons are to be “Cast or Hypereutectic” (flat top or dished, no floating or gas porting is allowed).  This further defines/clarifies what is allowed for pistons.


Under ‘ENGINES’ – Rule 8(I)

O.E.M. stock diameter valve springs only! (Chevrolet = 1 ¼”, Chrysler = 1 ½”, Ford = 1 7/16”) NO conical valve springs allowed.  NO double springs (dampers are permitted) allowed.


Under FUEL SYSTEM – Rule 9(C)

“Beginning in 2019, a ‘dead head regulator’ is allowed, however NO bypass fuel regulators or return lines are allowed”.   This change is being made due to today’s era of fuel pumps creating too much pressure for standard carburetors.


Under WEIGHTS / CAR WEIGHT – Rule 13(C)

Rule is revised to show the minimum weights allowed for cars if using the AFTERMARKET RACING TRANSMISSION allowance (+100 pounds). Additionally, to aid the technical inspection process, every car MUST have the declared minimum weight by rule lettered (not written in marker) on either the A-pillar or rear edge of hood drop panel.  Weight must match the type of engine & transmission combo being used.

*note* This rule may change as competition or necessity dictates.

MISC. Rule Notes:

*The stock height valve cover requirement has been removed from the rules.

*The ignition/power kill switch rule has been moved to ‘SAFETY EQUIPMENT’.

*Reminder that single bar front bumpers are NOT ALLOWED and MUST NOT have open ends on any bumpers.  These can act as a spear in an accident and could cause serious injury to a competing driver. Open ended bumpers will NOT be allowed in competition.  

*Reminder that decking and body rules, are rules, not suggestions.  Please build your cars in compliance with the rule book the first time.        

FOR THE FULL 2019 HOTMOD RULE BOOK CLICK HERE:: https://www.tylercountyspeedwayonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2019-EDGE-Hot-Mod-rules.pdf