2017 49th Annual Hillbilly 100 Results; $50,000 to win Announced for 2018 Hillbilly

2017 49th Annual Hillbilly 100 Results; $50,000 to win Announced for 2018 Hillbilly

After a two day Hurricane Harvey rain delay the Tyler County Speedway was finally able to present the 49th Annual Hillbilly Hundred.  Over 260 entrants would brave the mud and take to the ‘Bullring’ with Hillbilly gold in their eyes.

Picking up the coveted hardware was Jonathan Davenport holding off 17th starting Tim McCreadie to secure his first Hillbilly 100 victory and claim the $25,000 in a highly entertaining race.  The best racers in the nation would use up the entire surface that the ‘Bullring’ would present as rim riding, slide jobs and three wide battles was all over the speedway for the entire 100 lap distance.

Kyle Lukon would snare the win in the FASTRAK ‘Brown Jug 30’ with Jacob Hawkins blasting from his 11th starting spot to secure his second consecutive win in the ‘Hillbilly 50’.   KC Burdette would travel in from racing in Illinois to post the win in the White Lightnin’ 30 AMRA Modified event over a stout field of 41 emod racers.  Tom Sigler would capture the EDGE Hotmod ‘Lil’ Hilly 20’, while Ryan Saffell would nab the Modlite ‘Sour Mash’ 20.  Dennis Adkins would put a stop to the Tennants 4 Cylinder domination and hand them their first loss of the season.  Adkins would collect the ‘bounty’ and $1100 for his efforts in winning the ‘Ridge Runner 15’.  Gage Stalder and George Casto III would pick up wins in the Gear 2 Graphics MWRA Mini Wedge division.

A big thanks goes out to all those who helped pull off the 49th edition of the Hillbilly Hundred and to all the fans and drivers for their patience as we dealt with Hurricane Harvey’s muddy aftermath.

Big news from legendary promoter Carl Short was announced as the 2018 version of the Hillbilly Hundred will celebrate it’s 50th running and what better way than to pay the winner of the ‘granddaddy’ of all dirt late model majors an unprecedented $50,000 to the winner.


49th Annual Hillbilly 100 Results, Sept. 3rd and 4th

Lucas Oil Dirt Car Series 49th Annual Hillbilly 100 Feature:  Jonathan Davenport, Tim McCreadie, Jimmy Owens, Don O’Neal, Josh Richards, Chris Ferguson, Austin Hubbard, Darrell Lanigan, Jared Hawkins, Mason Zeigler, Shane Hitt, Dennis Erb Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Scott Bloomquist, Earl Pearson Jr., Steve Francis, Freddie Carpenter, Michael Lake, Hudson O’Neal, Zack Dohm, Robbie Scott, Derek Doll, Tim Dohm, Tyler Carpenter, RJ Conley, Boom Briggs, Jackie Boggs  DNQ:  Sonny Conley, Paul Wilmoth Jr., Travis Brookover, Kenney Newhouse, James Williamson, Kirk Phillips, Travis Brown, Brandon Francis, Eddie Carrier Jr., Brian Baumberger, Corey Conley, Colten Flinner, Cody Rogers, Steve Weigle, Mike Benedum, Ronnie Whitt, Drake Meeks, Anthony Kinkade, Kyle Thomas

Two Brothers Motorsports AMRA Modified ‘White Lightnin’ 30’ Feature:  KC Burdette, Rick Aukland, Jess Hartman, Chris Basich, Daniel Hill, Kyle Bond, Jesse Wisecarver, Mark Dickson, Shawn Jett, Chad Smith, John Burdette, Cody Brightwell, Jason Brookover, Josh Spaur, Travis Dickson, DJ Cline, Jacob Hawkins, Tommy Powell, Joel Prosser, Larry Bond  DNQ:  Bob Page, Aaron Barley, Chad Roush, Bob Moskey, Randy Bohan, Codi Eaton, Dwight Henry, Kenny Rowback, Robin Lashley, Chad Tallhammer, Cody Henthorn, Nick Corbitt, Bill Pritchard, Kevin Miller, Kendall Hodge, Joe Hamon, Jamie McCloud, Mike Conkle, Mitch Thomas, Matt Pickens, Rex Frohnapfel

Appalachia Mineral Title Company FASTRAK ‘Brown Jug 30’ Feature:  Kyle Lukon, Jared Hawkins, Butch McGill, Troy Frazier, Ryan Montgomery, Henry Hornsby, Michael Duritsky, Billy Beachler, Braeden Dillinger, Tyler Stutler, Ryan Payne, Derrick Shaw, Kris Southern, Trey Watson, Danny Thomas, Sparky Davisson, Garrett Jones, Derek Rogers, TJ Salango,  DNQ:  Dylan Lewis, Brandon Weigle, Andy Spooner, Tiffany Jackson, James Watson, Kaitlyn Frazier, Greg Beach, Brian Swank, Sparky Davisson, Wylie Ford, Chuck Kimble

Steel Block ‘Hillbilly 50’ Feature:  Jacob Hawkins, Ryan Montgomery, Kyle Lukon, Daniel Hill, Paul Wilmoth, Freddy Carpenter, Michael Duritsky, Braeden Dillinger, Zach Milbee, Kyle Thomas, Tyler Carpenter, Robbie Bostic, Sonny Conley, Derek Rogers, Joe Bowie, Kris Southern, Troy Frazier, Brandon Francis, Steven Dotson, Danny Thomas, Kurt Burge  DNQ:  Derrick Shaw, Brandon Weigle, Zack Kisner, Sparky Davisson, Derek Doll, Jim Gray, Pete Crum, Trey Watson, JR Crum, Oscar McCown, Billy Beachler, Eric Monk, Dylan Bledsoe, Tiffany Jackson, Joe Brewer

Sigler Fabrication EDGE Hotmods presented by Poske Performance Parts ‘Lil’ Hilly 20’ Feature:  Tom Sigler, Travis Thomas, Rocky Mayle, Roland Bell, Casey Ash, Mick Baker, Martin Lamm, James Swenskie, Jeff Gorrell, Tim Pennell, Jordan Shaffer, John Thomas, Caleb Thomas, Levi Nolan, Jonathan Hutson, Brian Clegg, Paul Baker, Chad Smith, Matt Yost, Anastasia Allman, Steve Magyar, DNQ:  Lou Ennis, Stevi Magyar, Brian Myers, Michael Thomas, Dennison, Roland Fullmer, Jordan Williams, Roo Roo Dotson, Kip Todd

Jenkins Auto Parts Modlite ‘Sour Mash 20’ Feature:  Ryan Saffell, Josh Baldwin, Alex Robinson, Mitch Ward, John Cogar, Scott Sole, Justin Eddy, Shawn Kernan, Ryan Jones, Travis Minor, Matt Ward, Cole Petrelle

4 Cylinder ‘Ridge Runner 15’ Feature:  Dennis Adkins, Tommy Adkins, Jerry Adkins, Kevin Criswell, Bill Tennant, Donnie Wamsley, April Tennant, Denzil Barker, CJ Dotson, James Schnegg, Randall Flanigan, Colten St. John, Caitlyn Eddy, Mikey Baker

Gear 2 Graphics MWRA Mini Wedge Junior Feature:  George Casto III, Tripp Perine, Keith Powell, Natalie Hibbard, Bridgette Davisson, Julianna Thomas, Gavin Swiger, Carson Thomas, Logan Clark

Gear 2 Graphics MWRA Mini Wedge Senior Feature:  Gage Stalder, Trent Baker, Ryan Hare, Luke Hyre, Lucas Zombotti, Josalyn Hibbard, Isaac Ezell, Ethan McCune, Shelby Cochran, Wyatt Cale, Brayden Mattson, Steve Frazier, Allen Clark