Sunoco “Winners Shootout”


Tyler Co. Speedway Officials Introduce
Sunoco Race Fuels “Winners Shootout”!

What Is The “Winners Shootout”? The shootout will be a 25 lap feature event style race on Saturday, August 27th showcasing the speedway’s Super Late Model division. Racers starting positions will be set by using a unique reward style points system as drivers earn their spot and points during the season as well as through a unique fan voting process in the days leading up to the event. The ‘shootout’ will be winner take all with a guaranteed $5,000 + a 55gal. drum of Sunoco Race Fuel up for grabs. Officials are seeking money or cont. sponsors to build up the winners prize package as much as possible.

Why The “Winners Shootout”? Speedway officials are excited to introduce this event to reward it’s year long Late Model racers as well as create an intriguing story line for fans & racers alike to follow throughout the summer. The point system rewards the weekend warriors of the “Bullring” as they earn points for appearances, wins, season long standings, and being a fan favorite. The winner take all format puts the fans on the edge of their seats for the final twenty five laps of late model racing at the track this season with over $5k on the line.

Earning A Spot: A spot can be earned for the “Winners Shootout” by winning any 2016 Super or Steel Block Late Model main event at the Tyler Co. Speedway. When a racer wins an A-Main they will earn their automatic bid into the shootout. The only other way to earn a bid is by winning the LM season points championship. The more races a driver attends the better their odds of qualifying and starting up front.

Field Aligning Points System: (accomplishment / points awarded for achievement)
Each Super or Steel Block Late Model event competed in at TCS during 2016 = 10pts
Each Super or Steel Block Late Model win at TCS = 25pts
Season Long Pt. Standings; (1st = 50pts / 2nd = 45pts / 3rd = 40pts / 4th = 35pts / 5th = 30pts)
Fan Voting Process (August 14th – 26th) – Each vote = 1pt.
(Fans will only be allowed to vote one time)

Drivers earning a spot will be awarded points for the entire season regardless of when they earn their spot.
Immediately upon earning a spot they will be awarded all points earned up to that time.

The starting grid will be lined up for the “WINNERS SHOOTOUT” based on the highest to lowest total points earned with the points process being official at noon on Fri. August 26th. The lineup for the event will be announced on the night of the event.

Note: If a driver is banned at any point during the season they will forfeit all points and their spot. No substitutions will be accepted for any reason. The only way to make the race is to win a main event or the season points. The driver qualifies for the event, not the car/car owner.


With  further questions concerning this event please email us at  Thank you!