FWD 4Cylinders



Rules & Regulations


  • Any NON turbo, 4 cylinder car. Front Wheel Drive cars only.

  • 2 or 4 doors cars allowed, doors must be welded or bolted shut.

  • You must remove all flammable material.

  • Racing seat is required. Neck brace mandatory no exceptions.

  • Must have at least 4 point harness belts.

  • Car must be completely stock.

  • You must remove all glass, molding, plastics & chrome trim.

  • Must have 4 point roll bar, welded to plates and bolted to floor and roof securely fastened. Must be 1 1/2in. or bigger tubing.

  • Must have at least 3 door bars in driver’s side and 2 door bar in passenger’s side of car.

  • Must have 3 window bars in front on drivers side.

  • Roll bar must be padded in driver’s area.

  • Cars must be painted and lettered neatly, number must be 18″min. and numbers must be on both doors. If number is not legible from score tower, car will not receive points or pay from that night events.

  • Approved racing helmet is required. Snell Sa90 or Snell Sa95 or newer. NO open face helmets are allowed. Helmet must be worn at all times the car is on the track. Neck collar is mandatory and must be worn anytime car is on the track. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  • A fire retardant race suit is required. Front & Rear Firewalls Required. Working fire extinguisher is required within reach.

  • Tires must be stock DOT. No snow tires. No Donut Tires allowed. Tires must have a 7″ max width.

  • No bead Lock wheels will be permitted. Racing wheels allowed.

  • All batteries must be securely mounted.

  • Welding or locking of the differentials will be optional.

  • Other than that, the rest of the vehicle MUST REMAIN COMPLETELY STOCK

  • Must have Raceiver & Transponder. Division will Qualify and run Heat Races weekly.


Weekly Payout (Based on 12 or more) 1. $150 2. $100 3. $80 4. $75 5. $70 6. $65 7. $60 8. $55 9. $50 10. $45 11. $40 12. $35 13. $30 14. $30 15. $30 16. $30 17. $30 18. $30

For more information contact track promoter John Watson at 304-771-6874.