Independence Weekend Doubleheader Showcases Monster Trucks & Troops

salute the troops

(Middlebourne, WV)   July 4, 2014    It was a doubleheader weekend of speed, thrills and destruction as the Hometown Racing Promotional team welcomed race fans to the Monster Truck Racing League and Salute the Troops weekend.

Fans of all ages were treated to a family fun night featuring the biggest and baddest Monster Trucks of the Monster Truck Racing League including Equalizer, Red Solo Truck, and Bad News Travels Fast plus the ultra popular Hillbilly Mayhem ride truck.  Three rounds of non-stop slap wheelies, doughnut spins, car crushing and monster air left fans young and old wanting more Freestyle action.

In companion racing action it was the 10s of Chad Smith picking up the EDGE Hotmod win over a charging Mick Baker, Travis Thomas, Kenny Isner and Cody Brightwell.  Once again it was Colliers, WV’s Bill Tennant picking up another 4 Cylinder main event over challenger Donnie Wamsley, Robert Frohnapfel, Ivan Wamsley and Scott Critchfield.  Starting the weekend off on a high note was Salem, WV’s Jeff Fornash picking up the Modlite feature event over Josh Baldwin, Gabe Phillips, Mitch Ward, and Brandon Fluharty rounding out the top five.

Results for Friday Night, July 4th
Hotmod Feature:  Chad Smith, Mick Baker, Travis Thomas, Kenny Isner, Cody Brightwell, Levi Flesher, Brad Dickson, Todd Chicklo, Curtis Watson, Stevi Magyar, Steve West, Chris Thomas, Brandon Weigle, Brian Clegg, Daniel Muldrew, Lou Ennis, Josh Sigler, Mike Martin  DNS:  Jay Smarr, Tim Pennell, Steven Dotson, Buddy Kotson, Steve Magyar, Brandon Weigle, Allen Moore, Sheila Donahue, CJ Dotson, Jim Dudley, Kendle Hodge, Tiffany Jackson, Josh Gump

Modlite Feature:  Jeff Fornash, Josh Baldwin, Gabe Phillips, Mitch Ward, Brandon Fluharty, Tom Keplinger, Jim Ruckman, Daniel Eddy, Matt Ward, Troy Gum, Troy Collins, Scott Perine, Ryan Saffell, Terry Williams, Kenny Harris

4 Cylinder Feature:  Bill Tennant, Donnie Wamsley, Robert Frohnapfel, Ivan Wamsley, Scott Critchfield, Mike Frazier, Steve Frazier, Jason Frazier, Clifford Flanigan, Tyler Mosser


(Middlebourne, WV)  July 5, 2014    Day number two of the Holiday weekend at the Tyler County Speedway would welcome all active and retired military for a special Salute the Troops Night.  Picking up popular wins were Mike Benedum, Bird Wilson, Kyle Thomas, Chad Smith, Jeff Fornash, Bill Tennant and Brady Reed.

Tyler County Speedway honored the 119th Engineer Division of the WV National Guard with the National Guard members participating in the flag ceremony, ran the track in and operated the “pace” vehicle for the features.

Due to upgrades and renovations to the facility including work on a new Pit Tower and having the electric unhooked we will be closed on Saturday Night July 12th.  We will see everyone back for the 10th Annual Dickson Classic Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour and rescheduled 13th Annual Eaton/Childers King of the Ring Twin $1,500 to win Late Model features on Saturday Night, July 19th.  For more information contact John Watson at 304-771-6874.

Results for Saturday Night, July 5th
J&R Excavating Super Late Models presented by Midcap Land & Timber Feature:  Mike Benedum, Steve Wilmoth, Butch McGill, Steve Weigle, Donnie Dotson, Greg Baumberger, Derek Doll

People’s Bank FASTRAK Late Model Feature:  Kyle Thomas, Shawn Jett, Travis Brown, John Sheets, Henry Hornsby, Joel Prosser, Ryan Payne, Brandon Francis, Mike Griffin, Brett Benedum, Rick Solari, Joe Bowie, Dusty Swecker, Chuck Kimball, Andy Brown, Brian Baumberger, Danny Thomas, Bill Shaffer   DNQ: Kenny Rucker, Greg Hicks, Jerry Brown, Gary May, Jamie America

Two Brothers Motorsports Modified Feature:  Bird Wilson, JE Stalder, Devin Verardi, Kurt Burge, Kevin Dotson

Hotmod Feature:  Chad Smith, Mick Baker, Travis Thomas, Darren Glover, Curtis Watson, Steve West, Chris Thomas, Kenny Isner, Tim Pennell, Lou Ennis, Brian Clegg, Stevi Magyar, CJ Dotson, Brandon Weigle, Levi Flesher, Steven Dotson, Brad Dickson, Allen Moore   DNQ: Jim Dudley, Steve Magyar, Jay Smarr, Josh Gump, Kevin O’Dell

Modlite Feature:  Jeff Fornash, Josh Baldwin, Braeden Dillinger, Brandon Fluharty, Mitch Ward, Tom Keplinger, Matt Ward, Trey Watson, Ryan Saffell, Scott Perine, Troy Gum, Bob Stackpole, Codi Anderson, Troy Collins, Jim Ruckman, Gabe Phillips, AJ Spagnuolo

4 Cylinder Feature:  Bill Tennant, Donnie Wamsley, Robert Frohnapfel, Scott Critchfield, Ivan Wamsley, Mike Frazier, Steve Frazier, Tyler Mosser, Justin Freeland

JJK Mineral MWRA Mini Wedge Feature:  Brady Reed, Hayden Jacobs, Dalton Anderson, Jackson Jacobs, Jacob Ice, Roo Roo Dotson, Levi Jones, Tyler Tennant, Alyssa Nething, Philip Bubeck, Garrett Jones, Steve Frazier, Gage Stalder, Kyle Keplinger, Ashton Jackson, Raiden Childers, Tripp Perine, Harli Rush, Mackenzie Perine,  DNS Kylie Cross


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