Baker Picks Up Clegg Tribute; McGill & Parker Punch Jackpot Tickets

2014 tammy clegg tribute

(Middlebourne, WV)  A frigidly cool evening would see near 150 racers head to the ‘Bullring’ looking for a place to race and the Hometown Racing Association would welcome all.  A jam packed pit area that seen 20 J&R Excavating Super Late Models, 21 Peoples Bank FASTRAK Late Models, 24 Two Brothers Motorsports, 20 Modlites, 26 Hotmods, 12 4 Cylinders and 23 JJK Mineral MWRA Mini Wedges take to the ‘bullring’.  Picking up guaranteed starting spots in next week’s mega 3rd Annual Jackpot 100 was Butch McGill, Cody Parker, Derek Rogers, Mitch Ward, Mick Baker, Donnie Wamsley, and Zack Carr.

Kicking off the night, it was the 8th Annual Tammy Clegg Tribute for Hotmods and it was Middlebourne, WV’s Mick Baker aboard the orange #47 Swiger Oil & Gas/ Doug’s Custom Vinyl/ Autozone sponsored chariot picking up his 1st win of the season.  Baker would blast to the lead from this front row starting spot and go unchallenged as he bested previously unbeaten Chad Smith across the line.  Rounding out the top five were 1st time visitor John Powell Jr, Kenny Isner and Darren Glover.

It was the “Doddridge County Terror” Butch McGill passing early leader Paul Wilmoth to lay claim to his second J&R Excavating Super Late Model division presented by Midcap Land & Timber of the season.  Rounding out the top five behind McGill was a fast closing Mike Benedum, Wilmoth, Corey Conley and Derek Doll.

Derek Rogers of Spelter, WV driving the Rogers Bros. Racing/ Bee Fit Distributors/ Amos Paving/ Warpaint Graphics would pick up his 1st win of the season in the Peoples Bank FASTRAK division.  Rogers would hold off Kyle Thomas, Danny Thomas, Shawn Jett, and Brandon McGrady in the competitor FASTRAK division.

Mitch Ward grabbed the win in the Modlite division piloting the familiar #862.  Ward pilots the Throw n’ Dirt/Ward Welding and Fabrication, Hitt Enterprises/ Hardrock machine and bested Brandon Fluharty, Jeff Fornash, Jim Ruckman and Gabe Phillips.

“Cowboy” Cody Parker of Zanesville, OH grabbed the win in the Two Brothers Motorsports Modified division.  Early leader Rich Michael of Ischua, NY would seem poised to pick up his first Tyler County Speedway win when a flat tire would sideline the early leader.  Parker would then take command and punch his ticket into next weeks “Let it Ride 55” by grabbing his first ‘bullring’ win.  A stout field of Following Parker was Jess Hartman, Travis Dickson, Bird Wilson, and Nick Corbitt.

It was Clarksburg, WV’s Donnie Wamsley picking up the win in the growing 4 Cylinder feature event.  Wamsley led John Sinnett, Dusty Wamsley, Scott Critchfield and Mike Frazier across the stripe.

A strong field of 23 JJK Minerals MWRA Mini Wedges would tackle the highbanks of the ‘bullring’ and it was Zack Carr besting Jacob Ice, Dalton Anderson, Kylie Cross, Steve Frazier.

Join us next weekend from Friday-Sunday for the 3rd Annual Jackpot 100 weekend featuring the $20,000 to win World of Outlaw Late Models and 3 days of Renegades of Dirt Modified action and the $5,555 to win Let it Ride 55.  Plus racing in all classes.  For more information visit us at

Saturday May 17th, 2014 Results,  Jackpot Qualifier,  Tyler County Speedway

J&R Excavating Super Late Models presented by Midcap Land & Timber
19 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #25 Mike Benedum, 12.317
Dash Finish: Butch McGill, Bob Adams Jr., Paul Wilmoth Jr., Mike Benedum, Corey Conley & Sonny Conley
Heat #1: Derek Doll, Donnie Dotson, Michael Davis, Brian Eaton, Todd Brennan, Billy Brown, Jo…hn VanDale & Freddie Carpenter
Heat #2: Steve Weigle, Rick Armstrong, Robbie Bostic, Scott Irvin, Tyler Carpenter, Jeremy Misel & Jordan Taylor.

Feature Finish:
1. #1MC Butch McGill, West Union, WV
2. #25 Mike Benedum, Bristol, WV
3. #B1 Paul Wilmoth Jr., Clarksburg, WV
4. #14 Corey Conley, Wellsburg, WV
5. #87 Derek Doll, Greenwood, WV
6. #A55 Bob Adams Jr., Racine, OH
7. #c4 Freddie Carpenter, Parkersburg, WV
8. #28 Tyler Carpenter, Parkersburg, WV
9. #24R Robbie Bostic, Kenna, WV
10. #21 Rick Armstrong, Bloomingdale, OH
11. #54 Billy Brown, Clarksburg, WV
12. #1×1 Sonny Conley, New Martinsville, WV
13. #E10 Brian Eaton, Belpre, OH
14. #J1M Donnie Dotson, West Union, WV
15. #23 Johnny VanDale, Marietta, OH
16. #7M Michael Davis, Rayland, OH
17. #30 Todd Brennan, Zanesville, OH
18. #75 Steve Weigle, West Union, WV
19. #JT55 Jordan Taylor, Racine, OH
20. #J52 Jeremy Misel, Belpre, OH

Peoples Bank FASTRAK Crate Late Models
21 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #55 Bill Shaffer, 13.801
Dash Finish: Derek Rogers, Joel Prosser, Bill Shaffer, Kyle Thomas, Robbie Scott & Travis Brown
Heat #1: Danny Thomas, Ryan Payne, Chad Green, Brian Baumberger, Todd Chicklo, Andy Brown & Tyler Stutler.
Heat #2: Shawn Jett, Brandon McGrady, Daniel Hill, Brandon Francis, Jamie America, Eric Foster & Kenny Rucker.

Feature Finish:
1. #22 Derek Rogers, Spelter, WV
2. #57 Kyle Thomas, Pennsboro, WV
3. #7JR Danny Thomas, Middlebourne, WV
4. #1J Shawn Jett, Salem, WV
5. #13 Brandon McGrady, Salem, WV
6. #77 Joel Prosser, New Martinsville, WV
7. #88 Chad Green, Wendal, WV
8. #12R Ryan Payne, Greenwood, WV
9. #31 Travis Brown, Jacksonburg, WV
10. #32B Brian Baumberger, Jacobsburg, OH
11. #44 Todd Chicklo, Parkersburg, WV
12. #457 Kenny Rucker, Pond Cap, WV
13. #18 Robbie Scott, Shinnston, WV
14. #55 Bill Shaffer, Clarksburg, WV
15. #39 Eric Foster, Marietta, OH
16. #3 Jamie America, Shirley, WV
17. #8 Daniel Hill, Greenwood, WV
18. #113 Brandon Francis, Parkersburg, WV
19. #14T Tyler Stutler, Los Creek, WV

2 Brothers Motorsports Modifieds
24 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #43 Gerald Deitch, 14.113
Dash Finish: Rich Michael Jr., Travis Dickson, Cody Parker, JE Stalder, Gerald Deitch & Jess Hartman.
Heat #1: Nick Corbitt, Robert Garnes, Mike Smith, Kevin Miller, Shane Crotty & Dustin Warner.
Heat #2: Mike Conkle, Jeff Johnson, Tim Rager, Mark Dickson, Brock Burcher & Tony Tagenhorst.
Heat #3: Mike Wilson, Tyler Evans, Tom Sigler, Bob Page, Kurt Burge.
B-Main: Mark Dickson, Shane Crotty, Kevin Miller, Kurt Burge, Tony Tagenhorst, Bob Page, Brock Burcher & Dustin Warner.

Feature Finish:
1. #42 Cody Parker, Zanesville, OH
2. #5 Jess Hartman, Zanesville, OH
3. #16 Travis Dickson, Gallipolis, OH
4. #20 Mike Wilson, Sistersville, WV
5. #45 Nick Corbitt, Waverly, WV
6. #000 Robert Garnes, Ripely, WV
7. #43 Gerald Deitch, Clarington, OH
8. #0 Mark Dickson, Gallipolis, OH
9. #17T Tyler Evans, Mineral Wells, WV
10. #4M Kevin Miller, Toronto, OH
11. #4 Shane Crotty, Corry, PA
12. #17JE JE Stalder, Martins Ferry, OH
13. #8T Tim Rager, Dillonvale, OH
14. #96s Mike Smith, Arkport, NY
15. #19 Tom Sigler, Marietta, OH
16. #27 Jeff Johnson, Mineral Ridge, OH
17. #17x Rich Michael Jr., Ishua, NY
18. #14 Mike Conkle, Chesher, OH

Mod Lites
20 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #862 Mitch Ward, 14.643
Dash Finish: Mitch Ward, Jim Ruckman, Brandon Fluharty, Braden Dillenger, Jeff Fornash & Gabe Phillips.
Heat #1: Tom Keplinger, Cole Petrelle, Ryan Saffell, Ryan Harris, Travis Harper, Glenn Teter & Kenny Harris.
Heat #2: Matt Ward, Daniel Eddy, Ken Meadows, Bob Stackpole, Terry Williams, Cody Anderson, Scott Perine & Josh Baldwin.

Feature Finish:
1. #862 Mitch Ward, Clarksburg, WV
2. #25 Brandon Fluharty, New Martinsville, WV
3. #99 Jeff Fornash, Salem, WV
4. #97 Jim Ruckman, Waverly, WV
5. #15 Gabe Phillips, Grafton, WV
6. #22 Matt Ward, Clarksburg, WV
7. #28 Tom Keplinger, West Union, WV
8. #17 Ryan Saffell, Beallsville, OH
9. #28 Tom Keplinger, West Union, WV
10. #99E Daniel Eddy, Joseph Mills, WV
11. #14 Braden Dillenger, Connelsville, PA
12. #40 Glenn Teter, 84, PA
13. #5K Kenny Harris, Lumberport, WV
14. #09 Travis Harper, Weston, WV
15. #13c Cody Anderson, Colliers, WV
16. #31 Bob Stackpole, Parkersburg, WV
17. #84 Cole Petrelle, Wehrton, WV
18. #10T Ken Meadows, Warren, OH
19. #4T Terry Williams, Ellenboro, WV

EDGE Hot Mods
28 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #47 Mick Baker, 15.917
Dash Finish: Mick Baker, Chad Smith. Darren Glover, John Powell Jr., Darrin Clark & Brad Dickson.
Heat #1: Kenny Isner, Stevi Magyar, Tim Pennell, Tiffany Jackson, Josh Gump, Steve Magyar, Daniel Muldrew & Kevin Dotson.
Heat #2: Cody Brightwell, Travis Thomas, Chris Thomas, Brandon Weigle, Brian Clegg, Kevin O’Dell & Steven Dotson.
Heat #3: Lou Ennis, Levi Flesher, Curtis Watson, Larry Higgins, Jay Smarr, & Allen Moore.
B-Main: Steve Magyar, Jay Smarr, Brian Clegg, CJ Dotson, Tiffany Jackson, Josh Gump, Brandon Weigle, Daniel Muldrew, Larry Higgins & Steven Dotson.

8th annual Tammy Clegg Memorial Finish:
1. #47 Mick Baker, Middlebourne, WV
2. #10s Chad Smith, Sardis, OH
3. #181 John Powell Jr., Guysville, OH
4. #7 Kenny Isner, Hannibal, OH
5. #00 Darren Glover, Clarington, OH
6. #18 Travis Thomas, Middlebourne, WV
7. #21c Darrin Clark, Caldwell, OH
8. #x85 Lou Ennis, Wheeling, WV
9. #151 Stevi Magyar, Wylieville, WV
10. #83 Brian Clegg, Alma, WV
11. #8L Jay Smarr, Linn, WV
12. #150 Steve Magyar, Wylieville, WV
13. #72 Levi Flesher, Mingo Junction, OH
14. #30 Brad Dickson, Whipple, OH
15. #51 Curtis Watson, Middlebourne, WV
16. #T50 Tim Pennell, New Martinsville, WV
17. #79 Cody Brightwell, Middlebourne, WV
18. #110 Chris Thomas, Middlebourne, WV

4 Cylinders
12 total cars signed in
Fast Qualifier: #00 Donnie Wamsley, 17.286
Dash Finish: Bill Tennant, Donnie Wamsley, John Sinnett, Tyler Mosser, Billy Bunnell & Robert Frohnapfel.
Heat: Dusty Wamsley, Mike Frazier, Clifford Flanigan, Danny Rush & Scott Critchfield.

Feature Finish:
1. #00 Donnie Wamsley, Clarksburg, WV
2. #17 John Sinnett, Salem, WV
3. #19 Dusty Wamsley, Clarksburg, WV
4. #13 Scott Critchfield, Annmore, WV
5. #11 Mike Frazier, Clarksburg, WV
6. #62JR Tyler Mosser, Pennsboro, WV
7. #2F Mike Frazier, Clarksburg, WV
8. #310 Clifford Flanigan, Clarksburg, WV
9. #2T Bill Tennant, Colliers, WV
10. #45 Robert Frohnapfel, Tridelphia, WV

JJK Mineral Company Mini Wedges
23 Total cars signed in
Heat #1 Finish: Zack Carr, Dalton Anderson, Steve Frazier, Levi Nolan, Mackenzie Perine, Levi Jones, Tyler Tennant, Harli Rush, Trista Borkoski, Madison Hamilton, Kylie Cross & Garrett Jones.
Heat #2 Finish: Brady Reed, Jacob Ice, Caleb Nolan, Phillip Bubeck, RooRoo Dotson, Coleman Evans, Cameron Baker, Tripp Perine, Gage Stalder, Noah Bubeck & Donald Wamsley Jr.

Feature Finish:
1. #7 Zack Carr
2. #27 Jacob Ice
3. #13D Dalton Anderson
4. #33 Kylie Cross
5. #0 Steve Frazier
6. #23 Garrett Jones
7. #17c Coleman Evans
8. #3 Caleb Nolan
9. #1J Phillip Bubeck
10. #44 Cameron Baker
11. #15 Brady Reed
12. #4 RooRoo Dotson
13. #38 Levi Nolan
14. #13 Madison Hamilton
15. #2 Tyler Tennant
16. #x10 Harli Rush
17. #24T Tripp Perine
18. #7 Zack Carr
19. #22 Gage Stalder
20. #21T Trista Borkoski
21. #00 Donald Wamsley Jr.
22. #13J Levi Jones
23. #8M Mackenzie Perine

Trophies sponsored by Rush Construction



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