Strickler and Scott Grab Huge Friday Night Lights Wins


A packed house and bulging pit area of over 140 racers brought the curtain down on a rare Friday Night show dubbed “Friday Night Lights” at the Tyler County Speedway.  It was the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour kicking off their Monster Modified Weekend and the FASTRAK NE Tours 2014 kickoff highlighting the evening.  When the checkered flag waived it was North Carolina’s Kyle Strickler picking up the Renegades event and Shinnston, WV’s Robbie Scott besting a fine field of FASTRAK competitors to claim the Northeast Tour’s first show of the season.  Also grabbing heralded ‘Bullring’ wins were Jacob Hawkins, Chad Smith, Jeff Fornash, Donnie Wamsley and Kylie Cross.

A stout field of 33 Renegades of Dirt modifieds representing 6 states would arrive with a $2,000 prize in their eye and looking to tame the ‘bullring’.  After four heat races and two b-mains the best of the best would take the speedway.  Kyle Strickler would vault to the early lead blasting around the top of the cushion, owning up to his nickname the “Highside Tickler” and pick up the win in convincing fashion.  Many spirited battles would thrill fans on back in the field with New York’s Rich Michael running second.  Third was a hard charging Jacob Hawkins piloting the Two Brothers Motorsports machine with fourth going to Travis Dickson and fifth to Brent Trimble.

Robbie Scott making a return to the Peoples Bank FASTRAK Late Model division would take the checkered flag after an intense race long battle with perennial winner Kyle Thomas and hold off a hard charging Jared Hawkins to grab his first win of the early season.  A talented field of cars would see four heat races going to Scott, John Over, Kyle Thomas and Ricky Williams setting the field for the first FASTRAK NE event of the season.  In the end it was Scott driving the familiar #18 Rocket sponsored by Kenny’s Machine, Slavic Decals, Rocket Chassis, Swift Springs, and Integra Shocks.  Rounding out the top five was a charging Jared Hawkins, last week’s winner Kyle Thomas, Beckley, WV racer TJ Salango and John Over.

In the J&R Excavating Super Late Model division presented by Midcap Land & Timber it was Fairmont, WV’s Jacob Hawkins driving the MJJ Motorsports, St. Henry’s Nite Club, Dargy, Melvin’s Automatic Transmissions, Miller Lite, Creekside Grill #20H would blast to the early lead and hold off a pesky Chuck Harper, Gary Dalton, Steve Weigle and Butch McGill across the line.

A familiar face would park his ride in the Modlite Victory Lane as Salem, WV’s Jeff Fornash would pick up his first win of the season.  Driving the Mutschelknaus Oil & Gas, Richard Webb Contracting, Triple H Enterprise and Tri-State Welding, Leader Chassis #99 Fornash would overtake race long leader Mitch Ward on a last lap pass.  Following Fornash and Ward across the line were Ryan Baker, Brandon Fluharty and Chris Logan.

Making it two for two in the early season defending champion Chad Smith would park his familiar #10 back in victory lane once again.  Smith would blast to an early lead before setting the cruise and besting Lou Ennis, Mick Baker, Brad Dickson and Brandon Weigle across the line.  Smith is sponsored by Quinet’s Restaurant, Litman Excavating, Blakes Auto Glass, and Fast Eddy’s Tire & Paint.

In the Front Wheel Drive 4 Cylinders it was once again Clarksburg, WV’s Donnie Wamsley going two for two.  Wamsley’s second victory wasn’t as easy as opening night as the early pace was set by the “Birdman” Robert Frohnapfel before losing a tire and setting up Wamsley to lead the rest across the line.  Rounding out the top five included Jason Frazier, Scott Critchfield, Steve Frazier and Mike Frazier.

In the MWRA Mini Wedge division it was young Kylie Cross piloting the #33 machine picking up her first win of the early season.  She would lead Brady Reed, Caleb Nolan, Philip Bubeck and Brett Coberly across the line.

Coming this Saturday Night, April 26th will be “Mystery Money Night”.  Attention drivers, get your buddies to the “Bullring” as it’s the night where whichever division has the highest car count they will race for the nightly Late Model payoff….$1000 to win/$200 to start!  Plus it’s Kids Gold Rush at intermission and general admission is just $10 with kids 10 and under FREE.

Late Models:

Car Count: 15

Fast Qualifier: #12 Ricky Williams, 12.717

Dash: Chuck Harper, Jacob Hawkins, Derek Doll, Steve Weigle, Mike Basich & Ricky Williams

Heat: Scott Irvin, Corey Conley, Butch McGill, Gary Dalton, Michael Davis, Bryan Casey, Billy Brown, Rick Conley & Rick Armstrong


1. #20H Jacob Hawkins

2. #00H Chuck Harper

3. #14 Gary Dalton

4. #75 Steve Weigle

5. #1MC Butch McGill

6. #3 Scott Irvin

7. #7M Michael Davis

8. #9R Danny Ruza

9. #21 Rick Armstrong

10. #25 Bryan Casey

11. #71M Mike Basich

12. #14 Corey Conley

13. #12 Ricky Williams

14. #54 Billy Brown

15. #87 Derek Doll

Renegades of Dirt Modifieds:

Car Count: 33

Fast Qualifyier: #17E Lance Elson 13.944

Inversion Pill: 3

Heat Results:

Slicker Graphics Heat #1 Finish: Lance Elson, Rich Michael, Jacob Hawkins, Ryan Ayers, Robbie Evans, Kurt Burge, Scott Stiffler Heat #2 Finish: Taylor Cook, Tanner Wilson, DJ Cline, Tyler Evans, Brent Trimble, Chris Arnold, Tyler Nicely, Mike Conkle Heat #3 Finish: Kyle Strickler, Travis Dickson, Patrick Lyon, Mark Dickson, Chris Basich, Nathon Loney, Kevin Miller, Bruce Takach, Amanda Stiffler

Karsyns Krusaders Heat #4 Finish: Bird Wilson, Rick Aukland, Derrick Ramey, JE Stalder, Jess Hartman, Jon Sluka, Bob Page, Cody Henthorn

Flag to Flag Consolation Transfers:

B-Main #1: Jacob Hawkins, Brent Trimble, Robbie Evans

B-Main #2: JE Stalder, Mark Dickson, Chris Basich

Provisionals: Tyler Nicely, Tyler Evans

Arizona Sport Shirts A-Main Finish:

1. #8 Kyle Strickler

2. #17X Rich Michael

3. #13 Jacob Hawkins

4. #16 Travis Dickson

5. #1B Brent Trimble

6. #2 Rick Aukland

7. #01 Patrick Lyon

8. #17 JE Stalder

9. #91 Derrick Ramey

10. #6 Ryan Ayers

11. #17T Tyler Evans

12. #0 Mark Dickson

13. #71 Chris Basich

14. #17 Robbie Evans

15. #4 DJ Cline

16. #17 Lance Elson

17. #21 Taylor Cook

18. #20 Bird Wilson

19. #17 Tanner Wilson

20. #25 Tyler Nicely

FASTRAK Late Models:

Car Count: 31

Heat #1: Robbie Scott, Aaron Barley, Joel Prosser, Chad Green, Bobby Rohrer, Ryan Payne & Eddie Starkey

Heat #2: John Over, TJ Salango, Daniel Hill, Cody Rogers, Brandon Francis, Danny Thomas & Tyler Hershey

Heat #3: Kyle Thomas, George Kowatic, Shawn Jett, Brian Baumberger, Nolan Dalton, Tyler Stutler, Michael Lake & Chuck Kimball

Heat #4: Ricky Williams, Jared Hawkins, Travis Brown, Brandon McGrady, Derek Rogers, Andy Brown & Michael Mitchell


1. #18 Robbie Scott

2. #RJ1 Jared Hawkins

3. #57 Kyle Thomas

4. #18S TJ Salango

5. #K2 John Over

6. #28 Aaron Barley

7. #5 George Kowatic

8. #8 Daniel Hill

9. #13 Brandon McGrady

10. #77 Joel Prosser

11. #14 Tyler Hershey

12. #11 Bobby Rohrer

13. #d2 Nolan Dalton

14. #88 Chad Green

15. #7JR Danny Thomas

16. #32B Brian Baumberger

17. #113 Brandon Francis

18. #27 Michael Lake

19. #431 Andy Brown

20. #1J Shawn Jett

21. #12 Ricky Williams

22. #22 Cody Rogers

23. #23 Derek Rogers

24. #31 Travis Brown

Mod Lites:

Car Count: 15

Fast Qualifier: #862 Mitch Ward, 14.518

Dash: Mitch Ward, Jeff Fornash, Ryan Baker, Josh Baldwin, Ron Parrish & Daniel Eddy

Heat: Brandon Fluharty, AJ Spagnuolo, Jim Ruckman, Troy Collins, Terry Williams, Ryan Saffell & Kenny Harris


1. #99 Jeff Fornash

2. #862 Mitch Ward

3. #18 Ryan Baker

4. #25 Brandon Fluharty

5. #21 Chris Logan”

6. #5 AJ Spagnuolo

7. #97 Jim Ruckman

8. #15 Gabe Phillips

9. #3 Troy Collins

10. #4T Terry Williams

11. #99E Daniel Eddy

12. #21R Randy Kerns

13. #5K Kenny Harris

14. #34N Josh Baldwin

15. #22 Matt Ward

EDGE Hot Mods:

Car Count: 17

Fast Qualifier: #x85 Lou Ennis, 15.912

Dash: Travis Thomas, Chad Smith, Kenny Isner, Lou Ennis, Cody Brightwell & Chris Thomas

Heat #1: Mick Baker, Levi Flesher, Steve Magyar, Lindsey Smarr, Allen Moore & Josh Gump

Heat #2: Brad Dickson, Brandon Weigle, Stevi Magyar, Tim Pennell & Brian Clegg


1. #10s Chad Smith

2. #x85 Lou Ennis

3. #47 Mick Baker

4. #30 Brad Dickson

5. #75 Brandon Weigle

6. #72 Levi Flesher

7. #18 Travis Thomas

8. #79 Cody Brightwell

9. #151 Stevi Magyar

10. #150 Steve Magyar

11. #40M Allen Moore

12. #8L Lindsey Smarr

13. #t50 Tim Pennell

14. #110 Chris Thomas

15. #83 Brian Clegg

16. #7 Kenny Isner

17. #J7 Josh Gump


4 Cylinders:

Car Count: 10

Fast Qualifier: #33 Randy Seckman, 17.124

Dash: Bill Tennant, Steve Frazier, Mark Critchfield, Mike Frazier, Shayne Brown & Randy Seckman

Heat: Robert Frohnapfel, Donnie Wamsley, John Sinnett, Scott Critchfield & Jason Frazier


1. #00 Donnie Wamsley

2. #2 Jason Frazier

3. #13 Scott Critchfield

4. #76 Steve Frazier

5. #11 Mike Frazier

6. #23 Shayne Brown

7. #45 Robert Frohnapfel

8. #2 Bill Tennant

9. #310 Mark Critchfield

10. #33 Randy Seckman



Car Count: 17


1. #33 Kylie Cross

2. #15 Brady Reed

3. #3 Caleb Nolan

4. #1J Phillip Bubeck

5. #00 Brett Cobery

6. #0 Steven Frazier

7. #17c Coleman Evans

8. #13 Dalton Anderson

9. #8 Mackenzie Perine

10. #38 Levi Nolan

11. #2 Tyler Tennant

12. #3x Dalton America

13. #24T Tripp Perine

14. #7 Noah Bubeck

15. #23 Garrett Jones

16. #22 Gage Stalder

17. #17 Eva Knight


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