Benedum Rim Rides to Victory at Tyler County Speedway

It was Season Championship Night at the Tyler County Speedway and picking up impressive wins were Mike Benedum, Kyle Thomas, Bird Wilson, Chad Smith, Tom Keplinger and Brady Reed.

In the J&R Excavating Super Late Models presented by Midcap Land and Timber four racers would enter the evening with a chance at claiming the 2013 Track Championship including Butch McGill, Sonny Conley, Steve Weigle and Derek Doll.  At the drop of the green it was Steve Weigle pacing the field in a fierce battle with Paul Wilmoth.  As the lead duo fought tooth and nail, a rim riding Mike Benedum would put his #25 mount up on the high side and blast by the frontrunners at warp-speed.  Once out front the ‘Bristol Bullet’ would checkout leaving the remainder of the field to battle for second.  Wilmoth would eventually grab the runner up spot from Weigle, with Derek Doll and Butch McGill rounding out the top five.  Sonny Conley would succumb to mechanical failure mid race ending his hopes for a championship and with McGill’s 5th place run would edge Weigle for the Championship by a mere point and locking up another Championship for the veteran racer from West Union, WV.

It was the Bird Wilson & DJ Cline show in the Two Brothers Motorsports Modified main event as the duo would swap the lead and play cat and mouse through lap traffic in a very exciting mod feature.  But in the end it was the 2013 Modified Track Champion Mike ‘Bird’ Wilson holding off a determined DJ Cline to grab the win and the season championship.  Rounding out the top 5 were Gerald Deitch, Travis Dickson and Mark Dickson.

In a season for the ages, it was once again Kyle Thomas from Pennsboro, WV picking up the win in the Peoples Bank FASTRAK division.  Not even a 10 car pileup in turn 3 or a $250 Bounty would stop the impressive racer of garnering his 5th win in a row.  Daniel Hill would set the early pace with Thomas in tow, the two talented racers would put on quite a show before Thomas would grab the lead and look poised for another easy victory.  But it was a hard charging Brandon McGrady that would make a late race charge and pull alongside Thomas as the duo exited turn 2 of the last lap before Thomas would keep his momentum up enough to cross the stripe ahead of McGrady and pick up the win.  Rounding out the top five were Brian Baumberger, Kris Southern and newcomer Billy Beachler.  Thomas is your 2013 FASTRAK division track champion.

Grabbing his first track championship and the win was Sardis, Ohio’s Chad Smith in the Hotmod division.  After a tough battle with early race leader Travis Thomas, Smith would go on to claim his 3rd straight Hotmod win in grand fashion aboard his familiar black 10s.  Filling out the top five were Travis Thomas, Codi Eaton, Kenny Isner and Mike Conkle.

Tom Keplinger of West Union, WV would grab his second victory of the season in the Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modlite division.  Keplinger’s #28 would charge from the tail of the feature as the Leader Chassis worked the bottom groove of the bullring to perfection beating out Brandon Fluharty, Josh Baldwin, Ron Parrish and Ryan Saffell.  Josh Baldwin would claim the 2013 Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modlite Division point championship.

Picking up his first win of the season at Tyler County Speedway was Brady Reed in the Wells Inn Mini Wedge division.  Reed piloting the yellow #15 Dairy Queen sponsored mini wedge would cross the finish line ahead of Georgie Tennant, Alec Frazier, Kylie Cross and Phillip Bubeck.  The ‘Little Ice Man’ Jacob Ice is the 2013 Wells Inn Mini Wedge Track Champion.

Coming this Wednesday Night, August 28th at the Tyler County Speedway will be the return of the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour, plus the Hotmod Bully Dog 500, FASTRAK Late Models and Modlites in the running of the Battle at the Bullring.  General admission is just $10, gates open at 4, hotlaps & qualifying get underway at 7.  Don’t forget the Bullring will take a little break before roaring back to life and closing the 2013 campaign with the running of the 25th Annual Earl Hill Memorial for Super Late Models and the Dickson Classic for Renegade of Dirt Modifieds on Saturday Night, September 14th.

Saturday August 24th Results

J&R Excavating Super Late Models presented by Midcap Land & Timber:
10 Late Models signed in
Full Qualifying Results:
1. #1×1 Sonny Conley 12.519
2. #25 Mike Benedum 12.657
3. #87 Derek Doll 12.905
4. #B1 Paul Wilmoth Jr. 12.941
5. #75 Steve Weigle 12.985
6. #1W Steve Wilmoth 13.035
7. #18G Andrew Gordon 13.065
8. #X Dusty Hamrick 13.169
9. #1G Charlie Maloney 13.249
10. #1MC Butch McGill 13.254

Dash Finish: Paul Wilmoth Jr., Steve Weigle, Derek Doll, Mike Benedum, Sonny Conley & Steve Wilmoth
Heat Finish: Dusty Hamrick, Butch McGill, Andrew Gordon & Charlie Maloney

Feature Finish:
Position, Starting Position, Number, Name, Hometown, Chassis
1. (4) #25 Mike Benedum, Bristol, WV, Rocket Chassis
2. (1) #B1 Paul Wilmoth Jr., Clarksburg, WV, BWRC
3. (2) #75 Steve Weigle, Alma, WV, Rocket Chassis
4. (3) #87 Derek Doll, Greenwood, WV, Rocket Chassis
5. (8) #1MC Butch McGill, West Union, WV, Rocket Chassis
6. (9) #18G Andrew Gordon, Dupois, PA, Rocket Chassis
7. (7) #1X Dusty Hamrick, Clarksburg, WV, Rocket Chassis
8. (6) #1W Steve Wilmoth, Clarksburg, WV, BWRC
9. (5) #1×1 Sonny Conley, New Martinsville, WV, Rocket Chassis
10. (10) #1G Charlie Maloney, Jacobsburg, OH, Mastersbilt Chassis

2 Brothers Motorsports EDGE Modifieds
12 EDGE Modifieds signed in
Full Qualifying Results:
1. #43 Gerald Deitch 14.430
2. #20 Mike Wilson 14.447
3. #4DJ DJ Cline 14.459
4. #16 Travis Dickson 14.516
5. #0 Mark Dickson 14.863
6. #73c Del Cunningham 14.880
7. #14s Todd Higgins 14.910
8. #17JE JE Stalder 15.006
9. #16H Justin Hart 15.179
10. #18 Cody Henthorn 15.301
11. #x10 Brian Rush 15.461
12. #4M Kevin Miller 15.470

Dash Finish: Mark Dickson, Mike Wilson, Del Cunningham, DJ Cline, Travis Dickson & Gerald Deitch
Heat Finish: JE Stalder, Justin Hart, Cody Henthorn, Kevin Miller, Todd Higgins & Brian Rush

Feature Finish:
Position, Starting Position, Number, Name, Hometown, Chassis
1. (2) #20 Mike Wilson, Sistersville, WV, Larry Shaw Race Car
2. (4) #4DJ DJ Cline, St. Clairsville, OH, Larry Shaw Race Car
3. (6) #43 Gerald Deitch, Clarington, OH, Bob Pierce Race Car
4. (5) #16 Travis Dickson, Gallipolis, OH, Diamond Chassis
5. (1) #0 Mark Dickson, Gallipolis, OH, Diamond Chassis
6. (3) #73c Del Cunningham, Ellenboro, WV, Diamond Chassis
7. (7) #17JE JE Stalder, Martins Ferry, OH, Outlaw by Shaw Chassis
8. (10) #4M Kevin Miller, Toronto, OH, Bob Pierce Race Car
9. (9) #18 Cody Henthorn, Sistersville, WV, Lightning Chassis
10. (12) #x10 Brian Rush, Pine Grove, WV, Rocket Chassis
11. (8) #16H Justin Hart, Moundsville, WV, Throw N Dirt Chassis
12. (11) #14s Todd Higgins, Lafferty, OH, Impressive Chassis

Peoples Bank FASTRAK Late Models
15 FASTRAK Late Models signed in
Full Qualifying Results:
1. #6 Joe Bowie 13.829
2. #32 Kyle Thomas 13.861
3. #11 Mike Griffin 13.923
4. #7JR Danny Thomas 14.012
5. #0 Daniel Hill 14.017
6. #32B Brian Baumberger 14.049
7. #54 Billy Brown 14.056
8. #31 Andy Brown 14.057
9. #13 Brandon McGrady 14.083
10. #16 John Wyer 14.109
11. #21JT CJ Johnson 14.115
12. #12R Tracy Sampson 14.208
13. #K2 Kris Southern 14.213
14. #21B Billy Beachler 14.289
15. #25 Brett Benedum 14.562

Dash Finish: Brian Baumberger, Daniel Hill, Danny Thomas, Kyle Thomas, Mike Griffin & Joe Bowie
Heat Finish: Brandon McGrady, Billy Brown, Andy Brown, CJ Johnson, Tracy Sampson, Kris Southern, Billy Beachler, John Wyer & Brett Benedum

Feature Finish:
Position, Starting Position, Number, Name, Hometown, Chassis
1. (4) #32 Kyle Thomas, Pennsboro, WV, Rocket Chassis
2. (7) #13 Brandon McGrady, Salem, WV, Rocket Chassis
3. (1) #32B Brian Baumberger, Jacobsburg, OH, Rocket Chassis
4. (12) #K2 Kris Southern, Good Hope, WV, Rocket Chassis
5. (13) #21B Billy Beachler, Franklin, WV, Rocket Chassis
6. (14) #16 John Wyer, Zanesville, OH, Rocket Chassis
7. (9) #31 Andy Brown, Cameron, WV, Lazer Chassis
8. (15) #25 Brett Benedum, Bristol, WV, Rocket Chassis
9. (6) #6 Joe Bowie, Ellenboro, WV, Rayburn Race Car
10. (8) #54 Billy Brown, Clarksburg, WV, Rocket Chassis
11. (3) #7JR Danny Thomas, Middlebourne, WV, Rocket Chassis
12. (2) #0 Daniel Hill, Greenwood, WV, Rocket Chassis
13. (11) #12R Tracy Sampson, Lumberport, WV, Rocket Chassis
14. (10) #21JT CJ Johnson, Fairmont, WV, Rocket Chassis
15. (5) #11 Mike Griffin, Middlebourne, WV, Rocket Chassis

Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modified Lites
13 Mod Lites signed in
Full Qualifying Results:
1. #28 Tom Keplinger 14.531
2. #52 Beau Newlon 14.918
3. #34N Josh Baldwin 14.945
4. #25 Brandon Fluharty 15.004
5. #21R Ron Parrish 15.035
6. #862 Mitch Ward 15.251
7. #1AJ AJ Spagnuolo 15.349
8. #99E Daniel Eddy 15.386
9. #97 Jim Ruckman 15.919
10. #3 Troy Collins 16.199
11. #99 Jeff Fornash 15.508
12. #17 Ryan Saffell DNQ
13. #22 Matt Ward DQ-Did Not Cross Scales

Dash Finish: Mitch Ward, Ron Parrish, Josh Baldwin, Tom Keplinger, Brandon Fluharty & Beau Newlon
Heat Finish: AJ Spagnuolo, Daniel Eddy, Ryan Saffell, Jim Ruckman, Troy Collins, Matt Ward & Jeff Fornash

Feature Finish:
Position, Starting Position, Number, Name, Hometown, Chassis
1. (4) #28 Tom Keplinger, West Union, WV, Leader Chassis
2. (5) #25 Brandon Fluharty, New Martinsville, WV, Raptor Chassis
3. (3) #34N Josh Baldwin, Beallsville, OH, Lightning Chassis
4. (2) #21R Ron Parrish, Fairmont, WV, Eliminator Chassis
5. (9) #17 Ryan Saffell, Beallsville, OH, Lightning Chassis
6. (7) #1AJ AJ Spagnuolo, Shinnston, WV, Egroth Chassis
7. (8) #99E Daniel Eddy, Joseph Mills, WV, Pro Chassis
8. (11) #3 Troy Collins, Friendly, WV, Homemade Chassis
9. (10) #97 Jim Ruckman, Waverly, WV, Pro Chassis
10. (12) #22 Matt Ward, Clarksburg, WV, Throw N Dirt Chassis
11. (1) #862 Mitch Ward, Clarksburg, WV, Throw N Dirt Chassis
12. (6) #52 Beau Newlon, Elkins, WV, Eliminator Chassis
13. #99 Jeff Fornash – DNS

EDGE Hot Mods
18 EDGE Hot Mods signed in
Full Qualifying Results:
1. #51 Curtis Watson 16.205
2. #14 Mike Conkle 16.207
3. #x85 Lou Ennis 16.311
4. #10s Chad Smith 16.472
5. #18 Travis Thomas 16.612
6. #30 Brad Dickson 16.647
7. #5 Kip Todd 16.694
8. #8 Josh Sigler 16.776
9. #3D Chris Ice 16.805
10. #72 Levi Flesher 16.841
11. #40 Codi Eaton 16.951
12. #151 Stevi Magyar16.962
13. #00 Buddy Kotson 17.201
14. #75 Brandon Weigle 17.309
15. #7 Kenny Isner 17.394
16. #PT109 Bill Sigmon 17.423
17. #CJ3 CJ Dotson 17.521
18. #17 Tiffany Jackson 18.018

Dash Finish: Chad Smith, Travis Thomas, Mike Conkle, Lou Ennis, Brad Dickson & Curtis Watson
Heat #1 Finish: Kip Todd, Codi Eaton, Chris Ice, Kenny Isner, CJ Dotson & Buddy Kotson
Heat #2 Finish: Levi Flesher, Bill Sigmon, Josh Sigler, Stevi Magyar, Tiffany Jackson & Brandon Weigle

Feature Finish:
Position, Starting Position, Number, Name, Hometown, Chassis
1. (1) #10s Chad Smith, Sardis, OH, Larry Shaw Race Car
2. (2) #18 Travis Thomas, Middlebourne, WV, Sigler Fab. Race Car
3. (9) #40 Codi Eaton, St. Clairsville, OH, Sigler Fab. Race Car
4. (13) #7 Kenny Isner, Hannibal, OH, Lightning Chassis
5. (3) #14 Mike Conkle, Chesher, OH, Hassy Chassis
6. (6) #51 Curtis Watson, Middlebourne, WV, Kryptonite Chassis
7. (4) #x85 Lou Ennis, Wheeling, WV, Homemade Chassis
8. (12) #8 Josh Sigler, Cairo, WV, Sigler Fab. Race Car
9. (7) #5 Kip Todd, Byesville, OH, Sigler Fab. Race Car
10. (8) #72 Levi Flesher, Mingo Junction, OH, Huff Chassis
11. (14) #151 Stevi Magyar, Wylieville, WV, Homemade Chassis
12. (11) #3D Chris Ice, Friendly, WV, Huff Chassis
13. (10) #PT109 Bill Sigmon, Cambridge, OH, Sigler Fab. Race Car
14. (16) #17 Tiffany Jackson, Paden City, WV, Huff Chassis
15. (17) #00 Buddy Kotson, New Martinsville, WV, Lightning Chassis
16. (18) #75 Brandon Weigle, Alma, WV, Throw N Dirt Chassis
17. (15) #CJ3 CJ Dotson, West Union, WV, Sigler Fab. Race Car
18. (5) #30 Brad Dickson, Whipple, OH, Harris Chassis

Wells Inn of Sistersville Mini Wedges
23 Mini Wedges signed in
Heat #1 Finish: Phillip Bubeck, Josh Gump, Hayden Jacobs, Eva Knight, RooRoo Dotson, Tyler Tennant, Tripp Perine, Elizabeth Conley, Madison Hamilton, Harli Rush & Garrett Jones
Heat #2 Finish: Alec Frazier, Brady Reed, Georgie Tennant, Kylie Cross, Jacob Ice, Caleb Nolan, Levi Nolan, Mackenzie Perine, Beachler, Gage Stalder, Jackson Jacobs & Lucas Zombotti

Feature Finish:
1. #15 Brady Reed
2. #88 Georgie Tennant
3. #22F Alec Frazier
4. #33 Kyle Cross
5. #4 Phillip Bubeck
6. #3 Caleb Nolan
7. #38 Levi Nolan
8. #27 Jacob Ice
9. #4 RooRoo Dotson
10. #8M Mackenzie Perine
11. #17 Eva Knight
12. #H13 Hayden Jacobs
13. #2 Tyler Tennant
14. #J7 Josh Gump
15. #21 Beachler
16. #22 Gage Stalder
17. #13 Madison Hamilton
18. #23 Garrett Jones
19. #x10 Harli Rush
20. #J4 Jackson Jacobs
21. #1×1 Elizabeth Conley
22. #24T Tripp Perine
23. #34J Lucas Zombotti


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